Sholto Radford is a mindfulness teacher with a lifelong passion for the outdoors and walking. His background in health, exercise science, and psychology, as well as a personal practice of mindfulness mediation led him, in 2008, to begin working as a researcher at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University. During his time there he also gained extensive experience and training in teaching mindfulness. In 2012 Sholto founded Wilderness Minds, combining his passions and leading courses and retreats with an emphasis on developing present moment awareness and well-being through time spent in the natural world and walking. He is a qualified mountain leader and from a young age has spent much his free time traveling and walking in the mountains of the UK, Europe, and the wider world

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Sholto Radford  /  Esence (2019)


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Walk : The path to more mindful life

Walk : The path to more mindful life

Sholto Radford (2018)

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